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AH (Hirees) FAQs

Q: What prior knowledge do I need to be a tax preparer & do I need to get my own clients?

A: New and Seasoned Tax Preparers are welcome. The AffordaTax-specific trainings & the IRS-Approved Tax School requires no prior tax or accounting knowledge and minimal computer skills.


You will learn to input and prepare tax returns and learn how to grow your tax business the right way, according to regulations and best practices provided by the IRS.


To take full advantage of your AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box, you have to be able to be disciplined enough to take your online trainings, be able to learn the tax software & most importantly, be able to “ask for the sale” to get your own tax clients.

Q: How easy is it to get started?

A: You will get access to your AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box on www.TaxBizinBox.com and as a part of this process, you get choose a login username (email) and password. You then get an email with instructions to login to SharePoint.


SharePoint houses your AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box and gives you access to all of your trainings, your tax software and options to purchase optional products to customize your Biz-in-a-Box, which is optional and is not required.

Q: How much will it cost to become a tax preparer?

A: Your AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box is free, as a Hiree came in under an Affiliate Owner. You do have options to customize your AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box; however, it’s not necessary in order to have everything you need to do taxes –from your trainings to access to your tax software and all licensures needed. Please see our website at www.TaxBizInBox.com.

Q: Do I have to buy any extra materials?

A: Nothing extra is needed or required with our all-inclusive AffordaTax Bix-in-a-Box. We provide the full platform for you to be successful in your tax business. There are some optional products you can purchase to customize your Biz-in-a-Box; however, they’re not required for a fully-functional tax prep operation.


Click Here for a complete list of Customized Product Offerings and scroll to the very bottom of the page. The IRS does require all who prepare taxes in exchange for compensation acquire a PTIN from them by Dec. 31st for $50.

Q: How often do I get paid?

A: As a Hiree, your Affiliate Owner pays you directly, according to the Fee Split/Percentage agreed between the two of you.


As your online training & tax software provider, this is not information that AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box, will be privy to. But it should be written out on a contract between you and your Affiliate Owner.


It is required to attach your compliance docs (State Issued ID, SS Cards, Signed Bank Docs) to your return. When you use the tax software to capture your client’s signatures, it automatically populates on the return and bank docs and is captured within the tax software.

Q: Can I get Personalized Webpages or Email?

A: There are some opportunities to customize your AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box. For instance, you can be included on a tax preparer’s Contact Us page for your location. You can also have a personalized website page created (3 templates to choose) with www.AffordaTax.com/your name. The link can be forwarded to your website or be a stand-alone page. You can also get a personalized email (yourname@affordatax.com). Click Here for a complete list of Customized Product Offerings and scroll to the very bottom of the page.

Q: When can I start the Tax Trainings?

A: You can begin the AffordaTax specific trainings immediately after logging into the SharePoint. The IRS-Approved Tax School will be available late-October; however, there will be 3 modules unavailable until until Congress and the IRS updates new tax laws.

Q: Do you report my continuing education to the IRS?

A: We can, if you would like.  The entire 18 Hour class ($250 value) comes free with your AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box; however, if you would like the 18 credit hours reported to the IRS so it is associated with your PTIN, this is a customized feature you can add to your Tax-Biz-in-a-Box for $19.99.  It is a great idea to do this because it sets you apart from other tax preparers who do not get continuing education hours.


Click Here for a complete list of Customized Product Offerings and scroll to the very bottom of the page.

Q: What is included in my AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box?

A: Click Here for details.  All AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box packages are $00.00 and include the following:

  • Tax Software
  • Software
  • Marketing Training
  • Integrated Bank Products
  • Check Stock & Reloadable Debit Cards
  • IRS-Approved Tax School Classes (18 Credit Hours)
  • $1,000 cash advance on their refund (at no additional cost to the client, the Holding Bank deducts $25 from the tax prep fee if your client is approved)
  • 25 Travel Vouchers Brochures to give to your clients
  • Offering Pre-Paid Cards and Cash Advances

Q: Are there other opportunities for tax preparers to earn additional per client?

A: You can earn up to $100 per return for clients who want LegalShield, which is a legal and ID theft membership. It costs them from $17 to $39.99 per month & covers the entire family if your client, their driving-age kids or their spouse get speeding tickets or need consultations/document review/Will from an attorney. Clients can pay annually and have the amount deducted from their refund.

Q: Is there Tax Software Support?

A: AffordaTax has a Tech Support department, which has expanded hours during tax season. They will address any tax software questions, such as errors or forms if you get stuck while doing a return. After taking the training provided and doing practice returns to familiarize yourself with the tax software, all tax preparers will be proficient in addressing the common tax scenarios you will encounter.

Q: Can I get a Mobile Signature using the tax software or will I need to print documents?

A: Our turn-key platform has a built-in, automated tool to capture client’s signatures paperless. You simply send the paperwork to be signed to their smartphones or PC with a few clicks of a button. You don’t have to download or upload any document. And then your client, on their end, clicks a few buttons to capture their electronic signature. This avoids paper, ink or other printing & faxing costs typically associated. You can also purchase a signature pad separately, but it is not required if you opt to use the automated signature.

Q: Is a PTIN required?

A: The IRS does require all who prepare taxes in exchange for compensation acquire a PTIN from them by Dec. 31st for $50 at www.IRS.gov.